“Le colosse aux pieds d’argile” by Monkeybird in Paris, France

French duo Monkeybird just wrapped up an impressive piece of work in Paris for a collaboration between Nanterre University and the Musée du Louvre… This project born for the 50th anniversary of May 1968 (Nanterre University it’s was a crucial place for the philosophy of May 1968). The goal for this project was to use art piece from

“R.I.P Banking System” by Ludo in Paris

French artist Ludo just returned to the streets of Paris in France with a striking fresh new piece. Entitled “R.I.P Banking System”, Ludo probably created the first large crypto-currency artwork. The piece is straightforward and shows a blooming Bitcoin flowers over funerary stones from the British pound, the US dollar, the Japanese yen, and the Euro.

Several new pieces by Ludo in Paris, France

Our friend Ludo just sent us a batch of super fresh images of his newest pieces that just appeared on the streets of Paris. Working primarily with Grey scale and green, the French artist brought to life some large and impressive artworks.  As usual with Ludo, his works are striking when you encounter them in

“Amers Perdus” by Michel Lauricella and Jean-Dominique Ferrucci in Paris, France

Michel Lauricella and Jean-Dominique Ferrucci are back with another paste-up on their home, Paris streets. Located on Rue des 2 Avenues, this piece is dedicated to migrants and it took the artists two long, rainy and cold nights to put up. We wanted to make a work about migrants. Because migrants are a symptom of

2501 For Le Mur 12 in Paris

Our good friend  Jacopo Ceccarelli aka 2501 was recently in Paris for the 1st time after 3 years. He was invited by Le Mur12 & Asso Cicero to paint the wall in the 12th arrondissement of Paris for World AIDS Day (December 1st). Using India ink and customized brushes Italian artist constructed a series of monochromatic shapes

“Le Roi des Oiseaux” by Michel Lauricella and Jean-Dominique Ferrucci in Paris, France

Recently, some very interesting and similar style paste-ups have appeared on the streets of Paris… Turns out, these have been put up by two friends who share common artistic territories and the series are called “Le Collectif Aorte” by Michel Lauricella and Jean-Dominique Ferrucci. Michael is a drawer, sculptor, teacher of morphology drawings and book author. Jean-Dominique

Fresh new pieces by Ludo in Paris

Our friend Ludo is back on the streets of Paris despite the freezing cold currently surrounding Europe. After a few hours of work, the French artist once again graced the Parisians with a series of new pieces. Working on the streets since over a decade, Ludo is a staple-name of the French street art scene.

“People’s Power Now” & “Wisdom” by Ludo in Paris

Our friend Ludo is back on the streets of his hometown with the fresh pieces that just popped somewhere around the lovely city of Paris in France. Entitled “People’s Power Now” & “Wisdom”, the famed French artist once again brought to life some of his signature oversized artworks which are now going to live on the