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“Data Bees” by Ludo in Paris, France

June 11, 2021
1 min read
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Street artist Ludo is back with a new series of murals in the streets of Paris. His new murals features his iconic “Data Bees” which are decked with protective gas masks and cyber parts.

Ludo is known for his hybrid plant-insect-machinery motif. He is often called ‘Nature’s Revenge’ as he connects the world of plants and animals with our technological universe and a quest for modernism. It speaks about what surrounds us, what affects us and tries to highlight some kind of humility.

Drawn with the precision of botanical illustrations, Ludo’s new order of hybrid organisms is both elegant and fierce. Armoured vehicles spawn stag beetle horns; carnivorous plants bare rows of hunting-knife teeth; bees hover, hidden behind gas masks and goggles; automatic weapons crown the head of sunflowers; human skulls cluster together like grapes.

Ludo’s work aspires to jolt us out of a longstanding collective denial: despite repeated natural disasters, we refuse to acknowledge our own fragile state.

Scroll down below to see more photos of “Data Bees”

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