Pichiavo chose to paint Athena for their first piece in Barcelona!

In their first art intervention in the city of Barcelona, Valencia-based PichiAvo just painted a large mural in the facade of the student residence Livensa Living Diagonal Alto of Temprano Capital Partners, designed by the Portuguese architect José Quintela da Fonseca. The artistic street art duo has designed an artwork that shows a very particular

Pichiavo‘s monumental sculpture for Falles celebration in Valencia

Valencian born artists Pichi and Avo set alight their 26 metre high Neo classical sculpture covered with their trademark graffiti. Taking over one year to create, the giant structure made from wood and cardboard was the centrepiece of the annual Las Fallas (fire) Festival in the Spanish city of Valencia. See below images from the

PichiAvo in Santa Apolónia, Lisbon

Our friends PichiAvo just completed a large new mural in Portugal located in the district of Santa Apolónia in Lisbon. As usual with the Spanish street art duo, they created a wonderful artwork that blends the ancient harmony of classical art with the calligraphic rebelliousness of modern graffiti. If you are stopping by Lisbon in the coming

PichiAvo in Aalborg, Denmark

Spanish street art duo PichiAvo just returned from Denmark where they took part in a new project with the good people from WeAart. After several days of work, PichiAvo produced another beautiful piece of work showing some of their signature greek-statues inspired imagery combined with vibrant graffiti and tags. The contrast between the two is

PichiAvo in Murcia, Spain

Our friends from PichiAvo just sent us some snaps from their latest mural which was just completed in Murcia, Spain. In town for the Festival Arte Urbano Mar Menor, the Spanish duo painted this beautiful piece representing Promotheus. He was a Titan in Greek mythology, best known as the deity in Greek mythology who was the

PichiAvo in Valencia, Spain

A couple days ago, the Spanish art duo PichiAvo stumbled upon an abandoned factory in Valencia, Spain where they decided to create a new piece. Trying new techniques, the duo used spray paint for the background and mixed it for the first time ever with Acrylic paint to create the sculptures. Pichi & Avo is

PichiAvo unveils “Urban Warrior”, a new mural in Tenerife, Spain

PichiAvo recently spent some time in Tenerife, Spain where they were invited to work on a new piece for the Puerto Street Art Festival on the streets of Puerto De La Cruz.Inspired by a quote from Aristotle, the Spanish duo created this signature piece entitled “Urban Warrior” showing a Greek statue against a graffiti background

PichiAvo paint a new mural in Boras, Sweden

Last seen in Fanzara, Spain a few weeks ago, PichiAvo were just invited in Sweden for the No Limit Boras Street Art Festival.Painting on the streets of Boras, the Spanish street art duo quickly worked their way through this trademark artwork showing several greek inspired statues against a graffiti background that really pops.Continue reading for