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PichiAvo in Valencia, Spain

March 23, 2016
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PICHIAVO muro final fabrica manises

A couple days ago, the Spanish art duo PichiAvo stumbled upon an abandoned factory in Valencia, Spain where they decided to create a new piece.
Trying new techniques, the duo used spray paint for the background and mixed it for the first time ever with Acrylic paint to create the sculptures.

Pichi & Avo is a street art duo from Valencia, Spain. It all started in 2007, bringing a spectacularly lucid splash of Mediterannean colour to the streets of Valencia and all over Spain, Pichi and Avo have infused a stunning level of figurative detail into their work. Hints of surrealism leap out and slap the viewer about while drawing you into a radiant explosion of unrestrained, spray painted talent.

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