Impressionism & Graffiti With a Common Denominator?

The sentences and paragraphs that follow are merely my opinion as Bruno Santinho, they were written, not to provide answers but rather share ideas and raise questions… speaking of which, I’ve been asking people a question lately with the intent to quench my curiosity and analyze how certain ideas are rooted in the psyche of

Dabs Myla & Friends “Marvelous Expeditions” Los Angeles Opening Coverage

Last night in Los Angeles, Dabs Myla opened their new exhibition entitled “Marvelous Expeditions” at Thinkspace Gallery.The duo took over the gallery space, featuring new work and an installation alongside curated selections from 32 of their closest artist friends including Revok, Kofie, Eine, Meggs etc..“Marvelous Expeditions” showcases the duo’s love of friends, collegiality, exchange, and

REVOK x STEEL x REYES New Mural In Long Beach

This sick new collaboration by REVOK, STEEL and REYES has just been completed in Long Beach, California. This huge mural was painted for the Agenda Convention which was held at the Long Beach Convention Center  300 E. Ocean Blvd. Once again, Revok and co delivers an outstanding piece.  Pics by REVOK

REVOK, RIME, ROID “PERSEVERANCE” Los Angeles Group Show Coverage

Last night in Los Angeles opened one of the most anticipated show this summer season “Perseverance” with REVOK, RIME and ROID at the Known Gallery. Our very own LA’s superstar Jennifer Leigh Strauss attended the event and snapped these amazing shots for your pleasure. More than 20 years of house raids, arrests, court cases, jail

Mr. Brainwash “Never Give Up” New Print Available June 22nd

Mr. Brainwash will be releasing a new print in support of Los Angeles basedgraffiti artist Revok, who was arrested in April and faces 180 days in jail.Mr. Brainwash will donate the net proceeds of the sale to Revok for being aninspiration to graffiti/street artists everywhere, and never giving up! The print will be available HERE

Bask “Free Revok” New Print Available Now

Bask has a new print out called “Free Revok”, his respect for the currently in Jail graffiti artist compelled him to create this print.100% of the sales will be donated to Revok’s legal troubles.This is an edition of 75, measures 15 x 15.5, Giclee on 330gsm 100% Archival Cotton Paper, signed, numbered and comes with

“Revok” New Fundraiser Print Available Now

A good friend and world-renowned artist Revok, was arrested last week and sentenced to 180 days in jail for “vandalism”. This print is of a photo I shot of him a while back and was done in hopes to raise some money for his case. 100% of the proceeds will be donated to Revok’s legal

“Free Revok” Fundraiser Tshirts Available Now

In an effort to raise funds and help influential LA graffiti artist REVOK pay his legal fees after being sentenced to 180 days in an LA County jail for previous vandalism charges and “not paying sufficient restitution to his victims,” SEVER has designed this t-shirt now being sold through The Seventh Letter. As we all