#BushfireBrandalism Across Sydney, Melbourne & Brisbane

“As a collective group of Australian artists, we have been driven to reclaim public advertising space with posters speaking to the Australian government’s inaction on climate change and the devastating bushfires. We do not accept that this situation is ‘business as usual’. We are making these issues visible in our public spaces and in our

Anthony Lister – CULTURE IS OVER

Anthony Lister kicks off the 10-year anniversary of his No Win Sitch exhibition with an exclusive show opening tonight in Sydney. In 2009, Lister held a one night only pop up art event in Sydney’s Kings Cross, encompassing an installation in the notorious Porky’s Strip Club on the red-light strip. To mark the ten-year anniversary

Secret Walls Australia 2018

Secret Walls returns to Australia for 3 epic battles this November in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne… The highlight of the three shows is undoubtedly The Vic Bar’s Park St Party, where the mighty Callum Preston returns from his previous win with Heesco to team up with Cassie Stevens, defending the champion belt against Mitch Walder and

“Koibito” by FinDAC in Seaforth, Australia

Our friend Fin DAC has been spotted down under again and, although visually a return to something like his usual subject matter, the piece is still something a little different: being as its painted on the floor of a car park. ‘Koibito’ is the end result: a serene but noble-looking geisha nestled in the lush

Carl Cashman Paints A New Mural With Stuart Sale on Bondi Beach in Sydney

Carl Cashman recently spent few weeks downunder, getting ready for his upcoming show @ Gauntlet gallery in SF. During his stay, he painted a trippy geo-based mural on the popular Bondi beach in Sydney together with Stuart Sale.Based on his recent print release the mural is an image created by cutting horizontal and vertical lines.

Fintan Magee “The Water Carriers”, a new installation in Sydney

Fintan Magee just sent us a series of images from his newest installation which was just completed somewhere on the streets of Sydney, Australia.The image of the children is taken from a photograph from a discarded newspaper clipping. The work shows seven Syrian refugee children, at first they appear as regular children but as you

“Housing Bubble”, a mural by Fintan Magee in Sydney

Freshly returned from Cozumel in Mexico, our friend Fintan Magee is already back at work on the streets of his hometown, Sydney in Australia.After a few days of work on his scissor lift, the Australian street artist created yet another impressive piece of art which is entitled “Housing Bubble”.Fintan’s art is recognizable through it’s sheer

Brent Smith paints a mural at the Westfield Miranda Rooftop in Sydney

Australian designer, artist, illustrator, muralist, pattern maker, and art director Brent Smith, recently spent few days working on a rooftop mural @ Westfield Miranda in Sydney. Featuring signature elements from his work, he created this wicked colorful mural adding some warmth to the cold winter Sydney days and nights.Spending couple of day on a chairlift Brent aka