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Yes yes yes…it’s that time people. VNA Issue 14 is here and this time they’re Souled Out.

VeryNearlyAlmost (VNA) announces the launch of Issue 14 with a unique cover by UK artist Sickboy. Known for his iconic, brightly coloured ‘temple’ work, eschewing love, positivity and inclusion, Sickboy has evolved his style to create some of the most striking work on the streets.

VNA 14 features an in-depth interview with the artist, examining his development from East London street scourge to selling out artworks in minutes, whether they’re originals or a run of limited edition miniature wheelie bins.

As with every issue of VNA, there’s a limited edition of just 100 signed copies adorned with a screen-printed cover produced by Sickboy. The limited edition magazines will be available at the London launch – in hand-drawn envelopes, stuffed with a magazine, 2 custom Sickboy x Edding Marker Pens and a Sickboy sticker sheet.

Not content with covering one of the UK’s biggest hitting artists, VNA 14 talks to one of the original ‘street artists’, Mysterious Al, about founding “Finders Keepers” crew and his upcoming show at D*Face’s StolenSpace Gallery.

Issue 14 also includes the legendary Doze Green, alongside big dog illustrator, Evan Hecox. But it’s not just about the established names, as VNA chats to Reka, Chris Stain and rising Portuguese artist, Pedro Matos.

And, you think tagging the streets takes guts, they have nothing on one of Banksy’s favourite groups, the Russian art collective, Voina. 

They caught up with them to talk art, Russia and exactly how insane you have to be to draw a giant p***s on a bridge opposite the KGB headquarters.

If you’re in London on Thrusday February 10th,  join VNA and their hosts, Brick Lane’s “East Gallery” from 6 – 9:30pm to celebrate the launch of VNA 14.

To get on the list please email: [email protected]

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