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Don’t Fret With New Street Pieces & New Show In Chicago

July 5, 2017
1 min read
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Work from Don’t Fret has been popping over with frequency over the last couple of months in Chicago and now we know why! The hometown hero is prepping his first show in town in 2 years, entitled “Big Shoulders”, which opens Friday July 7th at Johalla Projects.

Always a proud Chicagoan Don’t Fret says “…from personal experience I’d like to believe we can still be “Hog Butcher To The World” and occasionally eat a salad. That we can stay true to who we are and also be capable of change. That while the stockyards may be closed the hard work doesn’t stop. So with that in mind, this summer I’d like to highlight some of the reasons I love dis here City By The Lake with a  project both inside and out called ‘Big Shoulders’.”

DF’s latest wall in Fulton Market

Don’t Fret untitled wheat paste in Chicago, location unknown

Above and below we feature a gallery of several of the artist’s recent street pieces (most of which have been installed without permission). Grab a shot of Malort and enjoy!

If you’re near Chicago check out “Big Shoulders” Friday July 7th at Johalla Projects in West Town (1821 West Hubbard #209).

‘Pleasant Mess pt. 3 (Breaking The Bank)’

“So You’d Like To Be A Home Owner Ay?”, 2017. Acrylic aerosol on wood panel, 36×36 inches from ‘Big Shoulders’

For more info on Don’t Fret check out his Instagram @dontfretart

For more on ‘Big Shoulders’ go to www.johallaprojects.com

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