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Ever “November 19, 1910” Limited Edition Screen Print

January 31, 2014
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"November 19, 1910" a new screen-print release by Argentinean Street Artist EVER. 1

Our friend EVER recently produced a new screen-print during his residency with the good lads @ MAMUTT in Mexico City.

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In October 2013, EVER visited Mexico for an art residency with the MAMUTT Art Project. During his stay, his goal was to work on investigating and documenting issues related to Mexican culture and history. Even though he is familiar with the issues, finding new details and gathering information was his first task.

After a period of research, lectures, museum visits and meetings with historians and artists, Nicolas arrived to the point where the inspiration came true. He then began working on the print known as “November 19, 1910”. The print was produced with the master printers from the Cabiros Workshops in Mexico City .

During a short but fruitful stay in Mexico during October 2013 my intention was to create a work made entirely in that country. The main idea was to build on what I feel and understand from the Mexican mythological history and social events, two factors that are constantly present in my work ( metaphysical, human and social realities ) . The prints are achieved through a plastic exercise called “situationism” (one of the main driving currents of social events in France in May 1968 ).
Using the method of “drift ” I have created several prints, each one different from another. That means that from the start, this work involves “political rhetoric”.
“November 19, 1910” is a mixture of mythological and historical processes, ie is a work that alters the reality of an event. Man justifies his actions via a higher power that commands it. His future is decided by a deity.
What if we say then, that one of the most important social movements of the twentieth century ( the Mexican Revolution ) was due to the appearance of Xinolen , protector of corn and fertility?
An Aztec goddess that night and day takes care of the most important food of Mexico , corn, and tries to tell the working people that the future is full of obstacles, but that in reality we ourselves have created them .
“November 19, 1910” is more than a screen print, it is a metaphysical account of human ideals . — Ever

“November 19, 1910” is an edition of 35, four layer hand-pulled screen-print and hand-painted by EVER making each one unique. It measures 50 x 70cm and comes signed and numbered by the Argentinean painter.

To support the Mammut Project, “November 19, 1910” is exceptionally released through the StreetArtNews’ store right HERE  for £79.99 each.
Timezone conversions : (Melbourne: 4.00AM, New York: 12.00PM, Los Angeles: 9.00AM, Tokyo: 1.00AM, Moscow: 9.00PM)

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