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Earlier today, ROA opened his new solo show entitled ‘PROJECTUM 06’ in London at StolenSpace gallery. 
We had the pleasure to stop by prior to the opening to bring you this review. Belgium artist ROA is renowned for his unique portrayal of large scale urban wildlife, disquietly cohabiting city streets, hand painted in his distinctive black and white style. The animals themselves are represented in their purest forms, whether alone or in groups, sleeping or awake, half skeleton or part organ dissection. 
Using placement and the enlarging of subject, ROA implies the absurdity of the human attitude toward animals, as well as toward their own roots and origins. 
We were in for a treat discovering the artist’s new body of work, with his unique onsite gallery installation project. Both the artist and StolenSpace crew have been very busy putting together this installation. With pieces produced on found materials collected from all over London, the audience is invited to walk in this immersion. 
While you can interact with some of the pieces, altering their appearance, other 3D installations give you different perspectives playing with mirrors reflections. 
We can only recommend you stop by! 
The show runs until July 6th at StolenSpace. Continue reading for a selection of images we took and then check back with us shortly for more updates on ROA.




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