Vhils’ scratches the surface of Denmark

The Out in the Open project aims to bring art out of the gallery and into the streets, making it available to the many rather than the few. Launched by KIRK Gallery in 2014, it has been bringing some of the World’s most recognized urban artists to the cityscape of Aalborg, Denmark, for large scale

“Gray Habitat” by David De La Mano in Berlin

Long time world traveller David De La Mano is now in Berlin where he was invited by the good people from Urban Nation. Painting for the “One Wall” mural project curated by Yasha Young, the talented artist brought to life one of his over-sized shadows in the streets of Berlin. Entitled “Gray Habitat”, the piece

Hense – The Jaunt

Creating artwork from an early age, Alex Brewer quickly took on the moniker Hense and gained notoriety for his graffiti. Combining a street culture point of view with abstract compositions and vibrant colours, Alex uses playful lines and a wide variety of shapes in his work, always focusing on the relationship between those elements and

“Aster et symphorine” by Pastel in Paris

Here’s the latest floreal composition painted by our friend Francisco Diaz, aka Pastel, on the streets of Paris, France. Entitled “Aster et symphorine” this superb mural is located in the 14ème arrondissement, on the facade of a building surrounded by “La petite ceinture”,  an old dismissed bounding rail built in 1852 for load trains around

“Lunar Cycles” by Mademoiselle Maurice in Paris

Mademoiselle Maurice just finished working on the largest mural ever created on the streets of Paris in France. Made possible with the help of Gallery Matgoth, the piece took three weeks to complete, 500 liters of black paint, 15.000 origamis and 2.000 maurigamis. Mademoiselle Maurice develops and creates in her mini play countless colorful works

Two new works from E. Lee in Amsterdam

Chicago based American artist E. Lee is on the move in Europe, this time putting up new works in the Guezenveld and Slotermeer neighborhoods of Amsterdam. “Remorse” (top) and “Ode to Tulips” (bottom) were completed this week in conjunction with the Street Art Museum Amsterdam. “Remorse” features Superman in a moment of deep thought. It

E. Lee in Shoreditch, London

Chicago based American artist E. Lee has been making his way through Europe and recently finished this untitled piece in Shoreditch London. The mural features X-Men characters Wolverine and Rogue looking to be in need of another superhero to come to their rescue. This continues in the vein of E. Lee’s recent works where we

“PA_1191 – PA_1196” fresh invasions by Invader in Paris

Constantly busy on the streets of Paris since over a decade, Invader just unveiled a series of new pieces around the city of Lights. From “PA_1191” to “PA_1196”, the elusive French artist created several of his adorable pixelated creatures for the locals to enjoy. His artworks are made using tiny mosaic tiles and then attached onto the