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ICARE X-1 : Monumental installation by <++ in Toulouse

March 6, 2018
2 min read
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Known for his invasions with luminescent futuristic creatures across the globe and beyond, secretive French artist <++ built a monumental installation called ICARE X-1 inside the ‘Chapelle des Carmelites’ in Toulouse, an historical monument from 17th Century. Check for more pics and details after the jump

A strange figure on the stairs of the XVII th Century Chapel announces the artistic installation ICARE X1.

Mysterious and secretive artist <++ has been invading territories and institutions with his futuristic and peaceful creatures or ‘totems’ for the past 25 years.

Playing with the visible and invisible, the artist intervenes in echo with the environment wit a specifically designed installation for the site: a monumental nine meters high gilded metal arch mirrors the shape of the golden curved frame of the XVIIth Century painting, while the vertical golden gates remind of the golden columns of the Chapel.

The master of camouflage succeeds again as the public does not realise the arch is an addition to the existing Chapel.

A mirrored totem floating at nine meters high drops his skin leaving ashes on the floor. The golden gates open the path to another dimension, up to the visitor’s imagination.

In parallel to the ICARE X-1 installation, <++ also invited additional artists to intervene in this magical and mystical space: Visual artist and DJ David Brunner aka Desire Louve created visual mapping and electronic sounds followed by performances by artistic duo I.V.R.E. with Nadia von Foutre and Undude.

Icare X-1 is an artistic project supported by the Centre d’Art Nomade in Toulouse.

Photos by Butterfly Art News and Sylvie Recidive


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