Street art and graffiti in Milan: Where to go and who to see

October 27, 2014
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If you are one of the many street art and graffiti fans who couldn't imagine a vacation sweeter than galavanting around alleyways and empty buildings, searching for those great pieces of street art, we've prepared the perfect City Guide for you in partnership with Mariott Rewards.

One of Milan’s many pleasures is turning around a corner to find a street-art mural taking up an entire wall, or spotting a piece by your favorite Italian or International artist. If you are one of the many street art and graffiti fans who couldn’t imagine a vacation sweeter than galavanting around alleyways and empty buildings, searching for those great pieces of street art, we’ve prepared the perfect City Guide for you! From our comfortable home-base at the Moxy Hotel which is ideally located close to the airport, we managed to explored the city up and down to find some of the most exclusive locations and galleries for your enjoyment.

Hailing from Milano, 2501 is probably the artist you will be able to see the most around the cute streets of the city. From an amazing collaborative mural with Pixel Pancho, Martina Merlini, Moneyless and GGT that you will be able to find at the Fondazione Bertini on Via Luigi Caroli, 12 to his solo pieces around Via Emilio Gola, 2501 is sure to be one of the bright moments of your Street Art tour around Milano. This impressive piece features 2501’s unique line-work combined with several elements including Pixel Pancho’s trademark robot imagery.

Another great series of pieces to see are part of the “Manholes Project” which was curated by Davide Giannella, 5 international artists designed twenty manholes for the pavements on Via Montenapoleone. You will be able to discover some works by The London Police, Shepard Fairey aka Obey Giant, Space Invader, Rendo and Flying Fortress.

Next, you should stop by Bovisa, located north of the city center, in the “Zone 9” administrative division. The Bovisa is also one of the milanese quartieri where street art is most represented.
The remnants of 19th century factory buildings and industrial factories, as well as the railway that marks the borders of Bovisa, contribute to its new “art and design” personality.
James Reka from Australia recently worked his way through an amazing mural which you will be able to discover around Via Degli Imbriani 54. Walking around the cute streets of Bovisa, you will encounter several artworks by 2501, Nemo or other local street artists. If you are lucky and the sun is out, you may be able to catch some artists working live on their pieces which is more than a frequent sight in Bovisa.

The Legendary Italian street artist Blu has also painted several pieces on the streets of Milan. One is located Via Conchetta and the second piece which is a collaboration with his longtime friend Ericailcane can be found on Via Predil. Blu pieces are something not to miss during your street art tour in Milan as he is one of the most recognized artist worldwide and his pieces are always more than striking.

All around the city you will also be able to find the famous “Panettoni” by Pao. These are concrete blocks which were orignally used to prevent cars to enter no traffic areas and they are named after Milan’s cake “Panettone” which has the same shape. Whenever you encounter these Panettonis, a big smile is guaranteed to pop on your face!

On Via Procaccini, you will find an amazing and brand new mural dedicated to the South African president Nelson Mandela which recently passed away. This collaborative piece was painted by Pao, Nais, Orticanoodles and Ivan.

If the weather isn’t friendly to stay on the streets, your best bet is to visit one of the many Art galleries  that you will be able to find in Milan. We’d recommend to stop by the Antonio Colombo Arte Contemporanea Gallery on Via Solferino 44. Antonio Colombo recently hosted an amazing exhibition by Zio Ziegler and you will surely find some amazing pieces and art all year long.

If you are feeling lazy and wish to take it slow after all that walking around Milan, the Moxy Hotel also features a brilliant selection of artworks. On top of that in the next few days, Moxy will be hosting the ‘Blank Canvas’ event. Several artists will be creating live art in front of European lifestyle and art media and members of Milan’s social society. The selected artist will see his original artwork displayed within the Moxy Milan Living Room for you to enjoy during your visit.

The Don Gallery which is located on Via Cola Montano 15 is another place not to miss during your visit in Milan. Matteo Donini, aka the Don, opened his hidden art gallery in 2008 as a celebration of street artists. If you find yourself in the Isola neighborhood in the late afternoon, ring the bell and see what happens.

Galleria Patricia Armocida on Via Lattanzio 77 is another top space to visit, her past exhibitions include Os Gemeos, Blu, Ericailcane, Parra, Todd James, Jim Houser, Steve Powers, Swoon! Impressive line-up and guaranteed quality on display all year long!

Avantgarden Gallery on Via Cadolini 29 is another trendy Street Art Gallery located in the heart of the city. Their past exhibitions include Antony Lister, Kofie, Moneyless, Interesni Kazki, L’Atlas, 2501…  As you get closer to the location, you will find a beautiful piece by Australia’s Anthony Lister near the gallery.

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