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“Heavy Meal” Series by Biancoshock in Milan, Italy

April 12, 2022
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Biancoshock is back with a new series of artwork in Milan. The artist’s installations “Heavy Meal” are painted concrete backpacks that criticize the work of food delivery riders and their daily effort.

“In a democratic society, job is a basic tool for civil and economic progress. What progress can there be if job’s world does not produce emancipation, growth and gratification? In example, the work of food-delivery riders is dictated by algorithms that extend the functions of control and distribution of numbers to become inaccessible, authoritarian and categorical.”

“CO-BRANDING” in Milan, 2022

“The algorithm imposes a path, rhythms, distances to be bridged (those between the rider and the consumer) and other unbridgeable ones (those between the rider and the management of the company that produces the algorithm and the goods to be delivered). The need to survive in this system transforms young people, students and the unemployed into ‘new generation slaves’.”

“CO-BRANDING” in Milan, 2022 — Transforming the name of the 3 most famous food-delivery brands into a sentence that describes the principles of globalization. The concrete bags represent the daily effort we must make to endure the heavy consequences of the era of “I want everything and I want it now”

“Every day they are forced to bear a constant burden caused by the lack of rights, by underpaid and irregular contracts, by the lack of comparison and relationship as well as the total absence of insurance assistance. And every day that backpack will weigh more and more, as if it were filled with concrete.”

“JUST NEET” in Milan, 2022 — “Stop being a slave to laziness, just be a slave.”

“JUST NEET” in Milan, 2022

“SLAVEROO” in Milan, 2021 — “Old stone, new slavery.”

“SLAVEROO” in Milan, 2021

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