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Nomad Carpet by Guerrilla Spam in Milan, Italy

July 17, 2020
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One of the most active, socially engaged, artistic projects in Italy is certainly the one better known as Guerrilla Spam. It was born in 2010 in Florence (Tuscany), in the form of spontaneous poster art in urban spaces where artworks were not often claimed. Within a few years, the artistic collective gained visibility and attracted the attention of archaeological and contemporary art museums all over the Country.

The project today alternates the practice of poster art, paste up to public muralism interventions in Italy and abroad, by creating artistic and educational projects focused on the importance of the theme of migration . We enter in Guerrilla Spam imaginary by discovering the beauty of different cultures living in the same geographical territory

Their latest work, Nomad Carpet, was designed site specific for the project Imagine Piazza Tirana curated by BASE Milano and Bepart with the contribution of the Municipality of Milan.

Piazza Tirana and its basketball court have become a sort of Monument of the imagination, coloring itself with digital figures and animations with the aim of transforming the visual narrative of Giambellino, an emblematic neighborhood on the southwestern outskirts of Milan. Thanks to the support of the guys living in the neighborhood, the basketball court has maintained its sporting function alongside the decorative one.

The concept of the work is told to us by one of the protagonists of the collective:

” The carpet is an object that has always performed two parallel functions: a practical and an ornamental one. It was born and developed among the nomadic populations, who change settlements frequently and who, with the carpet, move the soil of their home. It is a daily object that must be used: it is the space on which we meet to talk, eat, where weddings and holidays are celebrated, where we sleep and pray.

But the carpet is also an artistic object that decorates and beautifies the space, which identifies a certain family, village or culture of origin based on colors and symbols.

The metaphor of the carpet is used here to redefine a space, in particular a basketball court, transforming it into a new place for the community, a new meeting place. Just like on a carpet, you can meet in this new ideal square to be together “.

Enjoy the aerial photos with drone taken by Ilaria Tullio and the shots of the making of by Davide Vienna and stay with us to be update on the latest news on the Italian street art scene.

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