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Curator Sek3 and producer Lola Sherwood from Everyone Only returned this year to paint 20 murals which were prominently featured all over the main grounds of the Governors Ball Music Festival located at Randall’s Island in NYC this past weekend.  Musical guests included Bjork, Drake, My Morning Jacket, Ratatat, Weird Al, St. Vincent, The Black Keys, Death From Above 1979… and many many more.  Along with some amazing musical performances patrons were treated to some serious eye candy painted by Akira Beard, Sek3, Bisco Smith, Bishop 203, Varenka Ruiz, Gera, Werc, Li-Hill, El Nino De Pinturas, Sarah C. Ruthorford, BK Foxx, Hef, Yuniverse, & Stefano Alcantara.  Thankfully the rain subsided and the festival provided a great time for all.

The crew from We Go Art invited me into Succulent studios a couple days before the giant canvases were installed at Randall’s Island to show me just how big these pieces really were, and the huge amount of time and collaboration they took to complete.

Not much to say about these pieces other than the crowd loved them and they added a street vibe which would have been missing from the festival other wise.  See you next year Gov Ball… save me a photo pass ; ).

Death From Above 1979 killing it at the Honda Stage Friday afternoon.
My Morning Jacket closing out Friday night.


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