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Pizza In The Rain’s “White Wood Project” in Chicago

Rom Levy Rom Levy
Rom Levy Rom Levy
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July 28, 2015
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Early in 2015 Chicago’s own Pizza in the Rain spearheaded an exciting new project around the city.
He asked other artists to create black and white panels, and he installed them around town. Since the pieces were put up without permission, most were removed almost immediately. For the fifth and final installation, 4 over-sized wood panels were installed on the side of 5 Star Bar in West Town with the support of Vertical Gallery.
The White Wood Project strives to keep an emphasis on getting out and taking in work on the street. The project has been a six-month long informal street group show featuring some of the best Chicago street artists. All work is done on sanded plywood sheathing and hung/cemented on the street. Artists are given one month to complete their piece, and hung in groups of 3 to 4 over the term of the project.

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Pizza In The Rain says “My expectation was that eventually, one of the installations would go wrong. Throwing four strangers in the back of a U-Haul at 5am to install large wooden canvases on the streets of Chicago is a novel idea, but I had my doubts. These doubts were for naught, I was overwhelmed with the level of generosity, skill, and trust each contributing artist gave to the White Wood Project. While the project was not without it’s challenging moments (what project isn’t), the work from each artist and the reaction from those passer-by that stopped for a moment to take in the work, transcended any expectations or suppositions I could have conceived.

The 5th and final installation is the largest of the series and includes Pizza in the Rain, LIE, Left Handed Wave, and Revise.* Install 1: Pizza in the Rain, ABC Kills, Tararchy, Lefty Out There* Install 2: Pizza in the Rain, NSTJ72, Look At Goob, GlassCuisine* Install 3: Pizza in the Rain, JC Rivera, Chema Skandal, Look At Art/Jake Merten* Install 4: Pizza in the Rain, Roswellington, Mosher * Install 5: Pizza in the Rain, Lie, Left Handed Wave, Revise For more, follow @PizzaInTheRain on Instagram, and check out his current show “Worries” at Paper Crown Gallery in Arlington Heights, IL.

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