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Huskmitnavn Paints a Permanent Mural @ The KØS Museum in Køge, Denmark

August 11, 2015
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Huskmitnavn recently got another confirmation of recognition in his homeland by getting to paint a permanent mural @ KØS museum of art in public spaces in Køge, Denmark.
In his signature style Danish artist used this opportunity for a funny commentary about exhibiting art. On a small section of a wall he got for this project he created an illusion of an empty space with plinth and one of his characters climbing on it. Using a simple, cartoon like style, the piece is in a nice contrast with traditional brick wall architecture, while effective in it’s message and placement. Also, it shows Huskmitnavn’s ability to find a funny and clever angle on any subject his covering through his work.
Check out few more photos after the jump and stay tuned to lots more street art related news coming from Scandinavia in the following weeks.

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