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Kislow produces a new mural in Minsk, Belarus

October 23, 2015
1 min read
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Kislow recently spent some time in Belarus where he was invited by the Urban Myth Street Art Festival.
Working on the streets of Minsk, the talented muralist created yet another signature piece showing some of his surreal imagery. This time around, he reinterpreted the local legend of the Nyamiha river.
The first mention of the river in historical chronicles is connected with a disastrous Battle on the river Nemiga, which took place here in 1067, when the forces of the prince of Kievan Rus’ defeated the forces of Polatsk princedom. The medieval epic The Tale of Igor’s Campaign refers to the “bloody river banks of Nyamiha.”
Continue reading for more detailed images on this piece and then make sure to let us know your thoughts down in our comments section.

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