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Li-Hill's latest wall was done in Reykjavik on the old Iceland Opera building as part of Wall Poetry.

Li-Hill‘s latest wall was done in Reykjavik on the old Iceland Opera building as part of Wall Poetry in collaboration with Urban Nation. Paired with a musical artists, the Canadian street artist drew inspiration from John Grant’s song “Pale Green Ghost” and in line with the theatrical setting, an old popular Icelandic ghost story called “Djákinn á Myrká” (Deacon of Dark River).

The story of two lovers separated by death, the young deacon comes back to life with his horse on Christmas to bring his love Guðrún to his home. Having been killed days earlier without her knowledge due to a bad storm, his head is covered by a hood to shield his gaping wound. While on the journey his hood slips and in the full moon she sees his massive wound and realizes he has been calling her Gaurin and in Icelandic folklore demons and the dead can not say the word God which is the first part of Guðrún’s name. Once they arrive she see’s his open grave, feels him grab her towards it and narrowly escapes his grasp. A massive charmed stone is placed on his grave to ensure he stays there and that stone is still there to this day. 

Hit the jump to discover more photographs from “The Deacon of Dark River” and then check back with us soon for more mural updates from the talented artist.

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