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Coverage: Rick Powell “Changing Directions” in New York City

January 19, 2016
1 min read
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The one and only Ricky Powell, AKA The Rickster, AKA The Funky Uncle, AKA Uncle Sloppy, AKA Plorp Master Funk, AKA The Dirty Doorman, AKA The Kool Substitute Teacher is back with another installment of his collaborative art shows.  This time featuring some of NYC’s premier street artists including Adam Dare, Amar Stewart, Chad Gordon, Dain, Emilio Ramos, Joseph Grazi, Rene Gagnon, Sean Sullivan, T-Kid 170, Whisbe, & Zimer.  The exhibition is open now at 212 Arts in Manhattan’s Lower East Side until January 26th.  Check out the amazing cast of characters that came down to celebrate 30 years of Ricky Powell’s iconic street photography, and his new collaborations.


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