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Dot Dot Dot New Pieces in Oslo, Norway

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saL saL
Growing up skateboarding I always enjoyed board graphics, Toy Machine adds and art section in Thrasher magazine. Around that time I started flirting with graffiti which eventually lead to appreciating street and urban art. Few years later I ended up with an Internet based job. Too much online time on my hands resulted in getting involved in art related forums, and finally writing for various art websites.
January 19, 2016
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It’s been few months since we’ve seen DotDotDot‘s last large mural painted in Stavanger for Nuart 2015, and he recently released a new series of works from Oslo. Staying true to his stencil work and concept, Norwegian artists painted 4 brand new pieces.

The largest piece is showing a massive rhino with a safety throw ring on his horn hiding behind the wall in a harbor. By humorously placing this iconic part of African wildlife into a Scandinavia, the artist is playing with the hot topic of global warming. The other piece is showing a beehive with tiny drones flying around it, while the last two pieces are small interventions commenting on importance and affect of technology on our life and the drunk driving.

Check more photos after the jump and stay tuned for more fresh work from Norway and the rest of Scandinavia.


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