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Myneandyours in Sharjah, UAE

April 5, 2016
1 min read
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Shjarjah (Full wall)

Myneandyours recently spent some time in Sharjah, UAE where he worked his way through this large piece featuring some of his signature fluffy clouds.

The symbol that he has been using to represent his art, a cartoon-like image of a fluffy cloud with a X X marks for eyes, has become synonymous with the artist himself.

“I am interested in what you can achieve with a symbol by repetition,” said Myneandyours

Born and raised in London, he moved to Dubai three years ago to pursue his artistic career. He had already developed his cloud symbol, which began as a doodle on a wall in his family home and was later fine-tuned when he spent a summer in Los Angeles as an intern in the studio of Shepard Fairey.

More images are waiting for you below so take a look and then keep checking back with us for the latest updates from the Middle-East.
Sharjah-(Paint-tub-2) Sharjah (Window) Sharjah (Umbrella) Sharjah-(Distance) Sharjah (Portrait - Floor)

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