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“Childhood Memories” Group Exhibition at Volery Gallery in Dubai, UAE

February 3, 2022
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In collaboration with City of Talents, Volery Gallery presents Childhood Memories February 10—March 8, 2022. The group exhibition is curated by Jean Claude Geraud, the founder of City of Talents, Toulouse, a contemporary and urban art agency.

Childhood Memories brings together the works of twelve contemporary artists from different parts of the world. The artworks represented are emanated from our memories as children, loaded with vivid colours, wistful eyes and universes made of our dreams and childhood cartoons. The exhibition will take the visitors through a trip of reminisces out of the current challenging times and into a hope-filled universe. On show are various styles of paintings ranging from playfully scribbled paintings, flat surfaces as well as Manga and Anime characters taking over the alternate world.

Byun Se-Hee, Wizard and Friends #18. Acrylic on canvas; 112.1 cm x 112.1 cm

The exhibition introduces pronounced international artists with their unique representation of childhood memories to the region. The lineup will include Jonathan Hadipranata; Adam Handler; Andrew Hem; Kai; Jade Kim; Diren Lee; Millo; Keigo Nakamura; Jun Oson; Ryol; Byun Se-hee and Wei Xing. Their artworks will call out the child inside each of us through their endearing characters and naïve sceneries.

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