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“Sailor Story” by Rustam Qbic in Perth, Australia

April 28, 2016
1 min read
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Rustam Qbic was recently invited to Perth in Australia for Public 2016. Battling the Western Australian heat and unfriendly surface, Russian artist worked for a whole week on this impressive, highly detailed piece.

Using his illustrative style and familiar palette of blues and purples, Qbic created an image of a lonely guy on a paddle boat filled with books, battling the heavy seas. Symbolizing the learning process and finding the truth, the characters is filling up with water on his journey. With large hands rooted to the ground holding the opened book he is on, the artist depicts the forces that get in one’s way of learning. Known for surrealist imagery and murals that carry universal positive messages, “Sailor Story” is another great example of Qbic’s work.

Check out more detail and in progress images after the jump and stay tuned for more reports and photos coming from Downunder and beyond.


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