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A couple weeks back I headed over to Andrew Schoultz‘s Downtown Los Angeles studio for a little studio visit to have a quick look-see at this newest body of work which goes on display at Joshua Liner Gallery in New York City with the opening of the solo show “Age Of Empire” scheduled for April 28th.

I was stoked to have the opportunity to check out his studio, learn about his process for creating his impressive densely layered artworks.
Andrew deviated away from skateboarding and graffiti, choosing to focus on installations and paintings with a pictorial approach to social and political commentary.
During the visit, I was given free rein to examine different pieces the artist had been working on, including a massive 72 x 72 piece on paper entitled “With Little Opposition the Current Flows One Way”.

The solo from the American contemporary artist will not only include new paintings, work on paper but also a site-specific installation.
Those in New York City at the end of the month should definitely check out Andrew’s exhibition at Joshua Liner Gallery in Manhattan.

This studio visit was definitely for me a “Holy Guacamole!” moment and it gives you a little insight into his talents and a look at some of his fantastic works and drawings.
studio_visit_andrew_schoultz-8 studio_visit_andrew_schoultz-12 studio_visit_andrew_schoultz-11 studio_visit_andrew_schoultz-9 studio_visit_andrew_schoultz-13 studio_visit_andrew_schoultz-15 studio_visit_andrew_schoultz-16 studio_visit_andrew_schoultz-3 studio_visit_andrew_schoultz-7 studio_visit_andrew_schoultz-6 studio_visit_andrew_schoultz-4 studio_visit_andrew_schoultz-1Pictures by Rom Levy and Bob Myers

Rom Levy

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