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Coverage: “Major Work” curated by Andrew Schoultz @ San Francisco’s Chandran Gallery

December 19, 2015
1 min read
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Last week in San Francisco opened “Major Work”, an exhibition curated by Andrew Schoultz at the newly opened Chandran Gallery.
The line-up included some pretty big names such as Alicia McCarthy, Aaron Noble, Kelsey Brookes, Revok, James Marshall Dalek, Sam Friedman, Eric Yahnker, Mark Dean Veca, Saber, Hilary Pecis, Tim Biskup, Eric White, Allison Schulnik and Andrew Schoultz.
The beautiful 6,500 square feet gallery space was filled with large and impressive artworks from each artists including a monumental Sam Friedman piece. As a bonus, Alicia McCarthy created a site-specific mural with some of her signature imagery.

If you are stopping by San Francisco, the show runs until January 15th at Chandran Gallery on 459 Geary Street.

romlevy_chandran_gallery_major_work-8 romlevy_chandran_gallery_major_work-2 romlevy_chandran_gallery_major_work-3 romlevy_chandran_gallery_major_work-5 romlevy_chandran_gallery_major_work-6 romlevy_chandran_gallery_major_work-9 romlevy_chandran_gallery_major_work-12 romlevy_chandran_gallery_major_work-13 romlevy_chandran_gallery_major_work-14 romlevy_chandran_gallery_major_work-15 romlevy_chandran_gallery_major_work-16 romlevy_chandran_gallery_major_work-20 romlevy_chandran_gallery_major_work-18 romlevy_chandran_gallery_major_work-19 romlevy_chandran_gallery_major_work-21 romlevy_chandran_gallery_major_work-23 romlevy_chandran_gallery_major_work-24 romlevy_chandran_gallery_major_work-25 romlevy_chandran_gallery_major_work-28Pictures by Rom Levy

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