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Coverage: “Earth Vessel” Solo Exhibition by Andrew Schoultz at Volery Gallery, Dubai

June 1, 2021
2 min read
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Last May 27th, Volery Gallery opened Earth Vessel, Andrew Schoultz’s first solo exhibition and representation in the Gulf region. The exhibition explores the symbolic and literal meaning of an earth vessel as a metaphor for the human’s existence and body. Reflecting on the fact that maintaining physical and mental health leads to balance, while balance allows us to be present resulting in a positive effect on our surroundings.

Schoultz has a visual approach to social and political commentary. His enormous murals, paintings, installations and sculptures are heavily patterned, creating an intense and mesmerising vision of current events. Earth Vessel exhibition will run until 22 June 2021.

With nine new artworks on view, Schoultz raises questions about what vessels as mortal human bodies contain physically, mentally, subconsciously and spiritually and how they are affected by external factors. The duality of the motifs he uses in his work reflects on the way opposites exist simultaneously in the universe around us. He captures the results of balancing these opposites as well as the consequences of losing that stability. Through reoccurring symbols in his works, Schoultz leaves the meaning open for interpretation by the viewer. His optical and abstract shapes where lines of overheated reds and yellows intersect with the vivid blues and greens call the viewer to contemplate what is meant to be felt rather than seen.

Take a look below for more images of the exhibition and its opening night.

Photo Credits: Alina Khamatova

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