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Our friends of Truly Design just opened an interesting exhibition entitled “Truth depends on where you see it from” at the Museo Ettore Fico in Turin, Italy.

The work of Truly Design inflects in a contemporary perspective the optical phenomenon of anamorphosis, investigated by such artists as Leonardo da Vinci and Hans Holbein since the XV century.
The exhibition Truth depends on where you see it from illustrates the most recent aspects of the aesthetic and poetic research of Truly Design collective, currently focused on geometric abstraction in relation to architecture and urban space.
The anamorphic abstraction proposed couples with the architecture of the MEF, both for sharing the same visual language, made of minimalist geometric shapes, and for the destiny which brings together the collective and the museum space.
Truly-Design_MEF_2016_The-Colour-and-the-Shape Truly-Design_MEF_2016_Origin-of-Symmetry Truly-Design_MEF_2016_Shape-of-Things_dettaglio2 Truly-Design_MEF_2016_Shape-of-Things_making-of Truly-Design_MEF_2016_The-Colour-and-the-Shape_dettaglio MEF_Origin-of-simmetry-Truly-Design-action Truly-Design_MEF_2016_Origin-of-Symmetry_dettaglio MEF_Origin-of-simmetry-project-Truly-Design-action MEF_Origin-of-simmetry-project-Truly-Design MEF_Shape-of-things-project-Truly-Design MEF_The-colour-and-the-shape-project-Truly-Design


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