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“The Kiss” by Lonac in Cassino, Italy

May 11, 2016
1 min read
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Lonac just returned from a great trip in Italy where he was invited by the good people from Memorie Urbane to paint a new piece on the streets of Cassino.

As usual with the Croatian street artist, he created an impressive photo-realistic artwork entitled “The Kiss”. Using an interesting placement, the piece painted under a bridge shows Lonac’s impeccable technique.

Lonac was always interested in characters, big murals, classic paintings. It took him some time to learn how to paint with a spray can, but it took him years to evolve and be able to do big walls in the way he is doing it today. He has learned how to use the wall as it is for a background, to compose the scene using the surroundings, to use already existing graffiti as a part of the composition.

Take a look at more images after the break and keep checking back with us soon for more mural updates from the streets of Italy.
Lonac_Cassino_FlaviaFiengofoto_memorieurbane-21 Lonac_Cassino_FlaviaFiengofoto_memorieurbane-20 Lonac_Cassino_FlaviaFiengofoto_memorieurbane-14 Lonac_Cassino_FlaviaFiengofoto_memorieurbane-13 Lonac_Cassino_FlaviaFiengofoto_memorieurbane-12 Lonac_Cassino_FlaviaFiengofoto_memorieurbane-18 Lonac_Cassino_FlaviaFiengofoto_memorieurbane-7 Lonac_Cassino_FlaviaFiengofoto_memorieurbane-4 Lonac_Cassino_FlaviaFiengofoto_memorieurbane-2 Lonac_Cassino_FlaviaFiengofoto_memorieurbane-5 Lonac_Cassino_FlaviaFiengofoto_memorieurbane-3 Lonac_Cassino_FlaviaFiengofoto_memorieurbane-9 Lonac_Cassino_FlaviaFiengofoto_memorieurbane-10

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