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ArtWhino: Handiedan in Richmond, USA

July 21, 2016
1 min read
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Photo Jul 20, 10 48 09 AM

While you discovered some progress images earlier this week, Handiedan has now finished her piece for the Richmond Mural Festival 2016 with ArtWhino.

The Dutch artist created this great piece which is built out of multiple classic pin-up body parts, the female form stands out over a backdrop of baroque and Victorian Neo-Classicism designs. All culled from international currencies and stamps, antique sheet music ornaments, playing cards, cigar bands etc.. Intricate and meticulously crafted, this piece will surely be enjoyed by the local residents for years to come.

Discover a selection of high-res images by TostFilms below and stick with us to get the latest updates on the street art from Richmond.

Photo Jul 20, 10 42 59 AM Photo Jul 20, 10 52 08 AM Photo Jul 20, 10 53 45 AM Photo Jul 20, 10 38 53 AM

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