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ArtWhino: “Chasing TigerMan” by WAONE in Richmond

July 27, 2016
1 min read
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Photo Jul 22, 10 46 31 AM

Former Interesni Kazki member WAONE recently finished working on his first black and white mural somewhere on the streets of Richmond in the USA.

In town for the Richmond Mural Project curated by our friends at ArtWhino, the talented Ukrainian muralist brough to life this intricate piece showing some of his unique signature surreal imagery. We especially love the legged-poncho coming out of his box!

My philosophical reflections about the nature of human consciousness took the form in my recent black and white mural, i did in Richmond VA.

All human beings are chasing for some goals during entire life, but not all of them do it in ravenous way, suppressing others.
Running tiger figure represents human being with ravenous personality mental configuration.
The box with someone in the hat means someone`s ephemeral goal, which produces another goals for chasing. –Waone

Take a look at more images by TostFilms below and keep checking back with us for the latest development from the Richmond Mural Project.

Photo Jul 22, 10 44 10 AM Photo Jul 20, 10 25 39 AM Photo Jul 20, 10 25 33 AM Photo Jul 20, 1 29 48 PM

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