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Book Release and Solo Show Icy & Sot “Let Her Be Free” 07/23/16 NYC

July 22, 2016
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DSCF5737Iranian street art duo Icy & Sot are back with a new book and solo gallery show this weekend in NYC.  Icy & Sot’s new full color book “Let Her Be Free” features images from both their early work in Iran, their current work in NYC, and world wide.  This Saturday night in the Lower East side of Manhattan the duo will be signing copies of their new book and making available many one of a kind affordable screen printed book covers.

DSCF5791In this very short time ICY and SOT have established a recognizable, influential and activist voice on the global street art stage. They have contributed to Iranian and international urban art culture through their striking stencil work that addresses social and political issues close to their hearts such as human rights, environmental justice, migration, gun violence, rampant capitalism, the ravages of war, and homelessness. Their work has appeared in doorways, windows and on walls and galleries throughout Iran, the US, Germany, China, Norway, Italy, Australia, and elsewhere – effectively transcending their history of artistic and political censorship. 


In tandem with the release of “LET HER BE FREE”, a name derived from the iconic stencil portrait on the books cover, ICY and SOT are launching an exclusive new exhibition of small and mid-scale stencil artworks on paper, vintage book covers, and materials found on the street. Many of the original artworks are reprised images previously only seen on the street or in photos in the book and span the decade from 2006-2016. These 50 original works have been created exclusively for the launch of the book and this collection will not to be seen together in this way again.


“You’re going to love this book launch and exhibit. Imagine the visual story of these brothers playing out before you in one complete collection of stark, often powerful, images across the wall,” says Harrington of the show. “You’ll witness the evolution of young Street Artists who have learned from their heroes, fought to develop their own style, kept their integrity, and persevered with their own distinctive voice during often rough and particularly challenging conditions.”


A pop up exhibition and an exclusive

New York book signing of “LET HER BE FREE” by Icy and Sot


PUBLIC EXHIBITION JULY 24-30, 2016 (11-6 PM) 


DSCF5700DSCF5789All Photos © Matthew A. Eller 2016

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