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Invader invades Toulouse in France

July 20, 2016
1 min read
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Last week, the one and only Invader visited the city of Toulouse which became his 66th Invaded city worldwide.

Dubbed as the Pink City, Toulouse is located in Southern France and for the occasion, Invader used pink tiles to create all of his works. The first wave of this invasion was a success with over 10 new pieces that popped up all over town.

This brings Mr Invader to over 3340 total invasions that can be found all over the world, so make sure to download his app Flash Invader in order to start hunting them!

DSC02926 DSC02933 DSC02935 DSC02951 DSC02955 DSC02958 DSC02984 DSC02964 DSC02963 DSC02960 DSC02988 DSC03017 DSC03020 DSC02992Thanks to Eric Gaco for sending us all of the images.

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