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“Lunar Cycles” by Mademoiselle Maurice in Paris

July 10, 2016
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Mademoiselle Maurice just finished working on the largest mural ever created on the streets of Paris in France.

Made possible with the help of Gallery Matgoth, the piece took three weeks to complete, 500 liters of black paint, 15.000 origamis and 2.000 maurigamis.

Mademoiselle Maurice develops and creates in her mini play countless colorful works with the fruits of a rich influences and career lessons.

Via origami, or lace or embroidery, or other mixed media, she gave birth to works in tune with their daily lives.

These fetishes medium are paper and thread, she loves to shape these natural materials in a complex manner.

Rising from the Paris grey, so was born a nebulous breaking works with urban monotony. Real punctuation of the city as his life’s work of this young artist imaginative displays radically outside the walls of his workspace.



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