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“The Old Jaw Bone & Hand” by Reka in London

August 4, 2016
1 min read
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Our friend Reka recently visited the UK where he was able to leave a new piece of work somewhere in London, Camden.

The mural title is a comical reference to England’s famous and often bizarre Pub names. However, looking deeper within its title, The Jaw-Bone & Hand is a subtle reference to the recent and very current events of the British referendum of leaving the European Union – ‘Brexit’.

The Jaw represents the communication and the hunger of Britain’s decision of independence as the hand connected looses grasp to a second hand, representing the EU, which almost tries to reach out in an attempt to cling on to Britain and stay connected. The notion of actions (the hands), speaking louder than words (the Jaw)

DSC00260 IMG_4167 IMG_4206

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