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The Art of Jon Foreman

January 12, 2022
2 min read
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Artist Jon Foreman is a creator of various styles of ‘Land Art’. His practice, which he calls Sculpt the World, showcases rocks and found objects fashioned into mesmerizing patterns and compositions. He felt that the natural world had more in it to be explored. Most of Jon Foreman’s work takes place in the coasts of Pembrokeshire, Wales, where he particularly lives.

Be it with stones or leaves, inland or on beaches. He has even created works in derelict environments using materials such as broken glass or ashes and general debris. The scale of his work varies massively; he may use stones or driftwood to make something small and minimal. Otherwise he may be seen drawing massive scale sand drawings up to 50 metres across.

His work is ephemeral in many differing ways; Most often the weather and immediate climate will make his work disappear (be blown down/washed away by the tide), and sometimes other people will interfere. This is all part of the creative process and has proven to benefit his work.

Jon’s practice is not just something he enjoys but it is also a therapy for him, an escape from the stresses of everyday life.

“Repeat processes are always very therapeutic and this is a good example of that, getting lost in the process is an important part of land art,” Foreman shared.

The Art of Jon Foreman

Jon began his journey making Land Art/Sculpture while in college but he feels his creative play with materials and innovative ideas are something which started long before. Having grown in Pembrokeshire, he saw the beauty of the coastline and woodlands and made use of them by collaborating with nature itself.

Take a look below for more photos of Jon Foreman’s work.

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