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Coverage: Nick Walker “The Last Ride” a Solo Exhibition at Wall Works in The Bronx, NYC

September 19, 2016
2 min read
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Nick Walker has brought his ridiculously intricate stencil skills and trademark vandal  all the way from Bristol England to the Boogie Down Bronx for a solo show entitled “The Last Ride”.  Nick seamlessly integrated all the best things synonymous with NYC, and the Bronx, and melded them with the cheeky vandal character we all have come to love creating new original stencil works that are a must have for anyone who loves NYC and street art.


Wall Works Gallery in the Bronx is a contemporary art space co-owned by graffiti pioneer John “Crash” Matos.  The space is described as “dedicated to showcasing new and exciting art from both emerging and established artists, mixing “downtown” sensibility with “uptown” style; a place for exploration.”  There is no doubt that Nick Walker fits squarely into this objective.


Attendees at the opening Saturday night were treated to a variety of both silk screened pieces (some hand finished with black diamond dust coating), and super colorful and intense never before shown stencil works.


If your not familiar with Nick Walker or his work check out my interview with Nick from earlier this year.  There are a lot of great stories from his original graffiti days in Bristol England that are worth the read alone.

dscf8842_fotorThe show will run until October 19th and is well worth the trip to the Bronx. There are a couple pieces still left for purchase so check it out sooner than later.

Wall Works

39 Bruckner Blvd.

Bronx, NY 10454

[email protected]


All Text & Photo’s Copyright 2016 Matthew A. Eller.

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