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“PA_1231 – PA_1233” by Invader in Paris

September 11, 2016
1 min read
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Another week, another round of Invasions just appeared by the one and only Invader in his hometown of Paris in France.

Ranging from 1231 to 1233, the three pieces are featuring some of his distinctive imagery created using mosaics and then attached with cements onto diverse locations around the city. On top of the usual pixelated invaders, the French artist brought to life an iconic character from the Balloon Fight video-game. Balloon Fight is a game developed by Nintendo. The original arcade version was released for the Nintendo VS. System as Vs. Balloon Fight, and its Nintendo Entertainment System counterpart was internationally released in 1986.

Take a look at more images by Alexandre Feuvrier while we wait for a new wave of Parisian invasions in the coming days.

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