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Wall Poetry ’16: Strøk in Reykjavik, Iceland

September 25, 2016
1 min read
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Anders Gjennestad aka Strøk is currently in Iceland where he just finished working on a new piece for the Wall Poetry ’16 event curated by Urban Nation and IcelandAirwaves.

Painting on the streets of Reykjavik, the Norwegian artist unveiled a beautiful highly-detailed piece which was created using hand-cut stencils. The piece was inspired by a song from the Icelandic music band, Mammút.

As usual with Strøk, his characters seems inhabit an alternative universe, where there are no familiar laws of physics. The characters do not follow the laws of gravity, and they are often portrayed upside down.

Take a look at more images below and if you stop by Reykjavik, you’ll be able to find the piece on Nýlendugata 29.

img_0045 img_0044 img_0043 img_0042Pictures by Rom Levy

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