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“Break from the Past” by Anders Gjennestad in Patras, Greece

September 22, 2021
1 min read
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Norwegian artist Anders Gjennestad recently worked on a mural in Patras, Greece. The mural entitled “Break from the Past” was done in collaboration with the 6th International Street Art Festival Patras at Eptanisos Square. The mural is inspired by Mikis Theodorakis’s saying “Man finally creates the feasible”. The mural was carried out with the support of the Norwegian Embassy in Athens.

Norwegian-born Anders Gjennestad previously known as Strøk Anders Gjennestad in Patras, Greeceis a stencil artist living in Berlin. His cutouts are based on photographs that he takes before executing the stencils, and his finely detailed work can be found as oversized murals on the streets of Europe, as well as in exhibition spaces.

The stencil art of Anders Gjennestad is a gripping experience. His subjects are frozen in seemingly surrealistic bodily contortions; the artist achieves this effect through basing his cutouts on self-made photographs of bodies in action. Gjennestad’s art appears on carefully selected places in the open space to emphasise the artworks’ emotional impact.

Check with us shortly for more updates from Anders Gjennestad and the global street art scene.

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