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“Splash And Burn” Project in Indonesia

May 31, 2017
2 min read
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Over the course of last couple of months Ernest Zacharevic and a group of selected international artists secretly flew to Sumatra and Indonesia to produce a series of public works through the island. Focused on exposing the devastating consequences of illegal palm oil plantations, the project organizers recently revealed the show stopping works that instantly hit the mass media outlets and got a strong support on social networks.

Splash and Burn” is a self funded project initiated by the Lithuanian artist who has been actively researching the issue, visiting and scouting locations and connecting with experts and specialists in the field throughout the last two years. Starting in February, Ernest and his artists friend from around the world visited Sumatra on couple of occasions, creating a series of diverse works that aims to raise awareness about unregulated farming practices of palm oil in Indonesia. The campaign is collaborating with a number of local and international NGOs, including London based charity Orangutans-SOS.org and Indonesian based Orangutan Information Centre. Ranging from small interventions and installations by Isaac Cordal, or larger ones by Mark Jenkins, mural pieces by Ernest Zacharevic, Gabriel Pitcher, Bibi or Axel Void, to recognizable stencil works by Strøk or impressive sculptural installation by Pixel Pancho, “Splash and Burn” surely succeeded in getting the attention and are now planning on continuing their efforts and support the works of local NGOs.

Check out a selection of works after the jump and feel free to share the info about this noteworthy project as well as let us know your thoughts about it in the comment section.

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