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Ludo at the Power Station of the Art Museum of Shanghai

October 4, 2016
1 min read
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A few days ago, Ludo installed at the Power Station of the Art Museum of Shanghai one of his largest piece in China taking the form of a gigantic dragon.

This dragon has obviously many meanings but Ludo decided to let the spectators create their own. The most important message was to celebrate the idea of collaboration, connection and union.

To create this piece, the French artist had to travel to different areas in China, Ludo met with local kids in the country side and gave them the opportunity to paint for the first time. The whole piece was then shipped layers by layers to the Museum in Shanghai.

It’s also a fantastic project for Ludo as the PSA is the first government funded Contemporary Art Museum in China.
The installation was followed by a documentary about Ludo’s work and a conference.

dragon_oct16_shanghai_2 dragon_oct16_shanghai_1 ludoephemerapsa_october_1ld

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