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Ludo in Paris, France

January 5, 2021
1 min read
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Ludo just worked on a series of new pieces located on the busy streets of his hometown Paris in France. Working primarily with grey scale and green, the French artist brought to life some large and impressive artworks.

Ludo fuses imagery of plants, insects, skulls, and human technology to create “a new order of hybrid organisms.” In protest of modern society’s self-destructive exploitation of nature, Ludo creates figures whose violence and elegance are intended to inspire respect and humility.

His new mural features a striking composition of a sniper and a tulip flower. The next mural is a somehow futuristic take on Adam and Eve, as it shows two robots together with the apple and serpent in his signature green colour.

Take a look at all of the artworks below and keep checking back with us for more street art updates from around the world.

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