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“Message For The Children” by Herakut in Paris, France

October 17, 2016
1 min read
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While we last heard from them in Reykjavik a few days ago, Herakut are now in France where they just finished working on a brand new piece somewhere on the streets of Paris.

After three days of work in the 13th district, the German street art duo brought to life another striking new piece of work entitled “Message For The Children”. The piece shows a young teenager wearing a cape and an helmet painted with the French flag’s color while interacting with flying horses. The text reads and translates to : “This is a message for the children, even if the period makes it difficult to see, magic is real and we saw it”.

Take a look below for more detailed images on this piece of work and then let us know down in our comments section if you already seen the magic!

net-img_8516 net-img_8519 net-gopr9023 net-gopr9036 net-gopr9045 net-gopr9087 net-img_8137 net-img_8049 net-img_8014 net-gopr9104Pictures by Mathgoth Gallery

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