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Word To Mother “Divine Arrow” Hand Finished Screen Print

December 8, 2016
2 min read
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An internationally recognized talent in the graffiti scene, Word to Mother balances urban art with a sensitivity to the landscapes of his childhood, using multidimensional layering and raw, textural elements, such as tea stains, gold leaf and salvaged materials. The younger and more rebellious spirit of his previous work is now channelled into an artistic preference for considered actions and a longing for the authenticity of experiences, as shown in his current artworks.

In “Divine Arrow” The Native American figure represents a way of life that was more in tune with the earth and the elements. A reminder to believe in the law of the universe, to believe in nature and that everything is in line and that the right opportunity will manifest itself to you at exactly when you are prepared to receive it. The arrow striking the heart represents the moment you are ready to let go of fear and embrace love and light, to be at one with yourself and the earth.

“Divine Arrow” is an edition of 20, it measures 35 x 50 cm, two layer hand pulled screen print, each print has been hand finished by the artist making them unique. The edition comes signed and numbered by the British artist.

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