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Coverage: Fem•is•in: Women Artists Reimagine the Future a group show @Fat Free Arts Gallery, NYC

March 27, 2017
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Fat Free Art Gallery is pleased to present Fem•is•in: Women Artists Reimagine the Future, a group show and the debut exhibition at the gallery of artists: Alice Mizrachi, Diana McClure, gilf!, Jane Dickson, Janette Beckman, Lady Pink, Martha Cooper, SWOON, and Queen Andrea. Fem•is•in features some of the world’s top artists and photographers working at the intersections of graffiti, street art, photography, and fine art.

The exhibition title references the currently popular wave of woman-led activism, as well as women who have been steadily claiming their own ground for centuries, sometimes alone and sometimes collectively.

In imagining a way of being and living it, the artists in this exhibition have forged and navigated unique paths of their own over decades, working in: street, music, and candid photography; painting, collage and typography; conceptual art, murals, sculpture, education, and more.

Organized by Alice Mizrachi, the exhibition’s curatorial statement notes what a potential shared manifesto for this group of artists, at this moment in time, might look like:

Unafraid of the senses, we make our way into the world trusting the ether, taking ownership of our interiority. Consciously aware of personal responsibility, we use the power of reflection and communion to create spaces and objects that translate, empower and uplift life force energy. Conduits of intercultural interaction and emotional health, we look back for spiritual sustenance, look forward toward universal well-being, and stay present to absorb the magic of the everyday; alchemizing hardship, laughter, stillness, and action into joy.

Fem•is•in is on view through April 15, 2017 at Fat Free Art Gallery, 102 Allen Street, NY, NY 10002 For more information contact the gallery: [email protected]

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