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“La Cuccagna” by Blu in Campobasso, Italy

May 31, 2017
1 min read
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The one and only BLU just unveiled a brand new and great street painting on the streets of Campobasso for the latest edition of the always excellent Draw The Line Festival.

“La Cuccagna”, this title of the work shows Blu creating one of his personal criticism of our society and our modern life system. BLU proposes a strong representation of the systems that move modern society which are triggering an incredible narrative sequence, full of problems and different issues hidden within the first layer.

At the top, a carousel made of gold and filled with money and various luxury-type of items. The structure is controlled by the government which is filtering the common people. Down below, we have a true representation of how the carousel moves. Slaves are used by the same government for the carousel aka the society to turn on itself. Deep underground, the rejects, the waste and the pollution is appearing as a result of the carousel’s movement and appearance.

Not much to stay on this piece, straight on point and brilliant. Make sure to let us know your thoughts down in our comments section!

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