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“A House For Everyone” by Blu in Bergamo, Italy

October 17, 2016
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The one and only Italian maestro aka Blu just returned to the streets of Bergamo in Italy where he unveiled a brilliant and unique piece of work.

There are humans, animals, reptiles, dinosaurs, red crabs and even fruits – apples and bananas – in the mural that Blu gave to the residents of the Celadina district in Bergamo. All together in a big house with a orange roof, to represent a new way to conceive the popular neighborhoods. At the bottom left, the government painted in a grey tone is isolated as a sign that it does not know how to handle the housing problems.

The work was created on a wall of an abandoned building and is painted with different colors, from pink to orange to yellow, red, green and blue of course, facing the street: many people stop and snap a photo, impressed that this neighborhood can be so colorful and vibrant.

If you are in the area, you’ll be able to find the piece on Via Monte Grigna Daste and Via Spalenga.

streetartnews_blu_bergamo-2 streetartnews_blu_bergamo-3 streetartnews_blu_bergamo-4 streetartnews_blu_bergamo-5 streetartnews_blu_bergamo-6 streetartnews_blu_bergamo-7 streetartnews_blu_bergamo-8 streetartnews_blu_bergamo-9Some photos by BergamoPost

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