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Anamorphic project by Elian in Saint Gervais, France

June 8, 2017
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Elian has recently finished his latest project in one of Saint Gervais parking lots. The artist has used the parking lot as a space creation tool and during the week he has covered around two square kilometers of concrete in acrylic paint. The project is called “Using Painting for Sculptural Purposes” and it was curated by Hugues Chavallier and Zoer.

My work in this parking lot is based on painting as a space creation tool. As we well know, the main feature of sculpture is the relationship with its spatial environment and the ability to modify it.
This artwork, which uses the basic geometry and primary colors, makes use of the architectural factors where it inhabits, in order that each element adopts a new function and that the space becomes a huge sculpture.
The relationship with the environment is not easy to achieve, therefore not only the walls will be intervened, but the painting will invade everything that you find in your way in order to offer to the users of the parking, the possibility of breathing inside Of a work of art.
I find it interesting that a person in his usual routine becomes a spectator / user of a work of art, I think it is an unexpected encounter with creativity.

Check out a video and more images below done by an amazing filmer and photographer German Rigol.

Anamorphic project by Elian in Saint Gervais, France

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